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Thank you for visiting Kim Picks Up Poop! We believe in providing affordable pet care to the busy pet owner. We understand a full schedule can sometimes conflict with your furry friend's potty schedule. That's why Kim comes to your house and gives your pet the care it deserves, and yes, also picks up poop.

Contact us today! For a list of our services, or to learn more about what we do, check out our services and read about us.

Thank you for visiting Kim Picks Up Poop! Here, you can find affordable pet care that fits your full schedule.

Check out our services and read about us.


Premium Pet Care Packages Now Available!

March 1, 2018

Get your pet care to work with your budget! Set a fixed monthly rate for all of the services you need. To find out more, contact Kim or check out the services page.

Grand Opening!

November 18, 2017

We're finally here! The pet care that works with your needs. Be sure to check out our In Your Neighborhood discounts on the services page!

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Best dog sitter there is


There are three people on this planet that I would trust my dog with, Kim is two of them!! Much walk, great play, 10/10.

Kim is any dog's best friend


I'll get right to the point: Kim is wonderful with dogs. I can never find anyone who can handle my very high-strung and skittish terrier mix (sometimes I can't even handle her), but Kim just walked up to the pup and was immediately her new best friend. If you need someone to walk or play with your dog, you won't find better than Kim.

Kim boosts canine confidence


Kim is great with my dog! We love her! My pug lost his eye at the end of March. After his surgery, he was unsteady and uneasy walking/jumping in general. Outside he was even more unsure of himself. His depth perception was gone and his balance was thrown off, as he would whip his head from side to side to see what was going on. During the initial recovery, he had put on some weight from all the meds and bedrest. Kim was patient and accommodating to his needs. She followed all the doctor's recommendations plus my additional rules (because I'm an overprotective dog owner). One day I came home as she was finishing his walk and I saw him decide to walk over a downed branch, rather than around it. It was such a great feeling to know he was regaining his confidence! He now goes for fast walks and his stamina is pretty impressive for a one-eyes pug in Florida. I highly recommend Kim to walk and/or jog your dog.

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